Recover deleted documents

Added by Henrique Fassi Lobao 9 months ago

I was wondering if there is a (easy) way to recover deleted documents.

I've looked at the "audit_log_entries" and "document_garbage_collecteur" collections on MongoDB and find the reference to files recently deleted.
But recovering files using that method is extremely exhausting for a large amount of files.

Is there a plan to add a retention/recover configuration?

Whats is the frequency the Garbage Collector run?

Henrique Fassi

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RE: Recover deleted documents - Added by Alvin LAMARTINIERE 7 months ago

Hello Henrique,

At the moment, we have no plan to add a recover configuration.
The Garbage collector runs every day at 1 am by default(this frequency can be changed in your file) and deletes all documents in the garbage collector added before midnight