New maintenance release for LinShare 1.12 (1.12.2)

Added by Frédéric MARTIN over 2 years ago

New maintenance release for LinShare core component : 1.12.2

Downloads are available at

Change log :

  • Add find method to ThreadMemberRestService
  • Adding autocomplete support for thread members.
  • Adding file size validation on REST API (documents, thread entries, fineuploader and flowuploader)
  • Fix purge Guest Batch when expired user is a member of a thread
  • Inject logger in every rhino context (debug purpose only)
  • Add misssing default constructor for ShareCreationDto
  • Fix default value for enableUSDA option on user API
  • Fix: Abstract resource access control.
  • Adding new classifier to package sql scripts
  • Cleanning useless sql scripts
  • Temporary workaround for autocomplete on favourite recipients.
  • Add a flag to GenericUserDto to indicate if a user has an account
  • Add query param to get a received_share document thumbnail on base64 encoding
  • Remove the multiple update on account to avoid the lock when deleting a shareEntry
  • Adding JsonParseExceptionMapper and UnrecognizedPropertyExceptionMapper.

NB: There is no need to upgrade the database.