• LinShare


    Specially designed to secure paperless file sharings within companies that put privacy and traceability in the heart of their problems of exchange, LinShare provides a simple solution completely intuitive.

    • Linshare allows employees to upload files into their space...
    • LinKIT

      LinKIT contains all the Tapestry components required to build all security applications: progress bar, file upload, reloading zone, upload management, ...

    • LinThumbnail

      Java thumbnail generator for various file formats.

    • Thunderbird plugin

      Thunderbird plugin to share documents via LinShare in Thunderbird.

  • LinSign

    Digital signing application, LinSign provides Xades, PDF, ODF, MSOffice signing features.

    Project is available for :
    • embedded edition, as it is available in LinShare
    • standalone Swing edition
    • portal edition

    LinSign has been applied for french security agency certification (CSPN by ANSSI) and will be shortly applied for EAL3+ certification....

Also available in: Atom