Specially designed to secure paperless file sharings within companies that put privacy and traceability in the heart of their problems of exchange, LinShare provides a simple solution completely intuitive.

  • Linshare allows employees to upload files into their space
  • Linshare can share files with internal or external collaborators
  • Linshare offers several features to securely exchange

More information on http://www.linshare.org/


All LinShare announces will now published here : https://github.com/linagora/linshare/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md
For the last 1.X version, there is dedicted url : https://github.com/linagora/linshare/blob/maintenance-1.12.x/CHANGELOG.md

Online demonstration

Online demo is available here 'https://demo.linshare.org/ ', follow this link to know how to loggin : https://github.com/linagora/linshare#live-demo

Sources and documentation

Every thing is now available on github : https://github.com/linagora/linshare#all-repositories


All files related to LinShare (software, documentation, plugin, ...) are now available on a new website : http://download.linshare.org

NB: Files won't be uploaded to this forge anymore.

Issue tracking

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