LinShare show at RMLL next thuesday in Bordeaux (France)

Added by Sebastien Bahloul almost 9 years ago

I'll be in Bordeaux next thuesday (6/7/2010) at 2PM to give a short talk about LinShare :

If anyone here is interested, do come by and say hi!

First LinShare 0.8 preview

Added by Sebastien Bahloul about 9 years ago

With strong encryption (AES), digital signature and timestamping, LinShare 0.8 includes now all security features required by trusted security applications.

You will also find in this release severeals new features like groups (which allows you to build a online document sharing space for collaborative work sessions) :

First preview is available for testing at Installable preview available for download there:

Second 0.7 release candidate

Added by Sebastien Bahloul over 9 years ago

Less than one day after the first announce of pre-release, we have decided to release another candidate to fix some important issues.

Release available there :

First 0.7 release candidate

Added by Sebastien Bahloul over 9 years ago

We are proud to announce LinShare 0.7 first release candidate !

It now includes a fully functional LinShare instance with a graphical installer to get a ready to use demonstration instance with embedded H2 database and OpenDS directory.

You are welcome to test it and to provide feedback and feature requests.

First release of LinShare ThunderBird plugin

Added by Sebastien Bahloul over 9 years ago

Welcome to LinShare plugins with the new ThunderBird connector : get a ready to use plugin inside your preferred mail client to upload and share your documents !

This plugin is available for ThunderBird 2 and 3 either for Windows or Linux or MacOS.

Download the source code, or directly the extension there :

New snapshot version for LinShare 0.7

Added by Sebastien Bahloul over 9 years ago

Available on the following location :

1. Dynamic resize of popups (#38) : the ConfirmSharePopup, QuickSharePopup, upload/update file popup and add user popup can now be viewed in 640x480 resolution (minimum usable size). The minimum height resolution to really see popups in their entirety is 700px.
2. FIX: When copying a shared file the file stays marked as "shared" (refresh attributes of document)
+ better implementation of the logging of the local copy
3. Url sharing: list the content of the archive in the mail for the owner
4. FIX: Url sharing: no email address in log entry when downloading the archive
5. FIX: An email is sent each time a user downloads a shared file
6. Fix : No log entry is done when copying a shared file
7. FIX some bugs in User Search: * the selector Internal/Guest/All is not persistent * the search with "Internal" selected returns Guests users too * the advanced search "forgets" the attributes of internal users : administrator/simple user/system (all are simple users)
8. Fix the bug of ergonomics : the advanced search fields should have the same behavior in the different tabs (Files and Users tabs)
9. Fix : fix the bug when deleting an user account which has sharings

LinShare 0.7 available as development version

Added by Sebastien Bahloul over 9 years ago

The current continuous integration version 0.7 is available there:

Changelog :
  • LinShare does not include signing features until LinSign has been published as an Open Source project after CSPN qualification

Public release of LinShare 0.6.10

Added by Sebastien Bahloul over 9 years ago

From the "Assises de la Sécurité 2009" in Monaco, the LINAGORA Security team is proud to announce the first publication of LinShare source code.

Browsing :

Download :

Packaged versions will be available soon.

LinShare public release: 07/10/2009

Added by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

Latest LinShare version will be published the October 7th, 2009 at the launch of the 2009 edition of Assises de la sécurité.

You can try it at the following location:

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